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  • Melissa Emanuel, Principal of Emanuel Solicitors, has been practicing law in NSW and the ACT for over 20 years;
  • Max Emanuel, Solicitor, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law [NSW], is a Consultant to our firm. Max has practiced in the areas of Military Compensation, Commonwealth Compensation [Comcare] and personal injury cases, for over 25 years.
  • National practice: Emanuel Solicitors is based in Canberra, but we are a National practice, and travel all over Australia to meet with our clients.

..Emanuel Solicitors…. twice, through complex and challenging matters with successful outcomes achieved… friendly, professional and helpful. ..explained often complex (and at times frankly overwhelming), legal processes patiently and respectfully, maintaining a genuine interest in my personal welfare throughout..”

Wendy – Melbourne, 2017 Read full testimonial

“They will ring you and keep you up-to-date with everything. They are very specialised with what they do, including dealing with DVA and the defence Force.”

Brad – Regional Victoria, 2017 Read full testimonial

“I was losing an uphill battle with DVA for years, then I found Emanuel Solicitors and what I had tried to achieve in 4 years "We" achieved within a year. It's great to know that someone actually cares about you and your family’s wellbeing”.

Jamie – Gold Coast, 2017 Read full testimonial

“I was at my wits end with DVA, trying to navigate their system on my own. I found Emanuel Solicitors and they were beyond helpful! .. extremely knowledgeable in regards to DVA and ..always available to answer any questions ... The turn out was much better than I could have imagined...”

Samuel – Brisbane, 2017 Read full testimonial

“We were lost 12 months ago and thought we would never get these issues resolved...You have forever changed our lives for the better. We would recommend Max and Melissa without a doubt to anyone needing help with any military legal matter…”

Kasey - Brisbane, 2017 Read full testimonial

“..they have been nothing short of outstanding. ..When you bring them on board, you work together as a team. They talk through each decision in great detail and involve you at every important step in the process. They have never overpromised what the outcome might be …”.

Kellee - Cairns, 2016 Read full testimonial

“The compassion, experience, knowledge, and commitment from the team at Emanuel Solicitors continues to exceed my expectations. I would without a doubt recommend this firm to anyone dealing with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.”

Brooke - Sydney, 2016 Read full testimonial

“a seamless and incredibly positive experience. .. very honest, extremely knowledgeable .. able to answer any of our questions, supported us through our anxieties and advocate strongly for us. Their style of consultation is refreshing …like a caring and supportive working relationship/friendship”.

Matthew – Brisbane, 2016 Read full testimonial

" Emanuel Solicitors took on my case where others had found it to difficult too.  Then not only were they able to achieve exactly what I was hoping for they did it with clear communication, professionalism, hard work and attention to detail.  "

Brett – Geelong, 2016 Read full testimonial

“Max and Melissa provided the know-how and genuine experience which supported me throughout the entire process.”

Sean – Sydney, 2016 Read full testimonial

“Through their professionalism, perseverance and knowledge they were successful in achieving a highly beneficial outcome for myself”

Peter – Canberra, 2017 Read full testimonial

"Their knowledge of DVA processes and legislation was impressive and their professionalism and compassion cannot be faulted.”

Lisa – Brisbane, 2016 Read full testimonial

“So muchly reduced stress and could not recommend anyone else more highly to get you through the compensation nightmare.”

Ken – Sydney, 2017 Read full testimonial

“I have the utmost trust, respect and admiration for Emanuel Solicitors, a dedicated humble team, …Max's diplomacy and tactical negotiations are outstanding, and I have no doubt our exceptional result was the best possible achievement.”

Marilyn – Sunshine Coast, 2016 Read full testimonial

“We are now at 64 points with a new back diagnosis that accurately reflects his injury and ongoing impairment; a gold card; the additional PI lump sum that has far exceeded our original expectation; and a retrospective incapacity payment that we never knew he was eligible for

Kellee - Cairns, 2017 Read full testimonial