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  • Melissa Emanuel, Principal of Emanuel Solicitors, has been practicing law in NSW and the ACT for over 20 years;
  • Max Emanuel, Solicitor, Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law [NSW], is a Consultant to our firm. Max has practiced in the areas of Military Compensation, Commonwealth Compensation [Comcare] and personal injury cases, for over 25 years.
  • National practice: Emanuel Solicitors is based in Canberra, but we are a National practice, and travel all over Australia to meet with our clients.

“I was losing an uphill battle with DVA for years, then I found Emanuel Solicitors and what I had tried to achieve in 4 years "We" achieved within a year. It's great to know that someone actually cares about you and your family’s wellbeing. If you're looking for help with your DVA claims and want results from people who "care", Max and Melissa Emanuel are the people for you.” 

Jamie – Queensland, 2017 Read full testimonial

“We have been working with Max and Melissa for 2 years now. Throughout this time they have been nothing short of outstanding. They aren’t the usual lawyer types that you might imagine. When you bring them on board, you work together as a team. They talk through each decision in great detail and involve you at every important step in the process. They have never overpromised what the outcome might be, but have remained conservative, providing a range of potential decisions. "

Kellee - Cairns, 2016 Read full testimonial

“Emanuel Solicitors assisted me with resolving a very complex and protracted Veterans Affairs claim. Through their professionalism, perseverance and knowledge they were successful in achieving a highly beneficial outcome for myself.  Throughout the process they were very proactive, accessible and responsive.  Max and Melissa provide a personalised service with a deep understanding of the various Dept of Veterans Affairs compensation acts that cannot be matched by other legal firms. I have no hesitation in recommending Emanuel Solicitors.”

Peter - Canberra, 2017 Read full testimonial

“Max and Melissa have managed to navigate through all the unnecessary information that has clouded the case and make sure that the outcome reflective of the facts can be reached. I cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone who is going through the process of military compensation.”

Kellee, Cairns, 2016 Read full testimonial

“I feel like the luckiest person in the world having Melissa and Max solving my problems with DVA. As some may know, DVA has been a nightmare and when I previously had another lawyer representing me it was not going anywhere, which made the experience even more traumatic. Melissa and Max came onboard seamlessly to help me after a simple web search and found that they are PEOPLE. .. who are fully understandable and experienced about my needs and requirements, and they go out of their way to always do the right thing for you in a form that makes sense…. Personal compassion and goodwill is paramount to M&M. So muchly reduced stress and could not recommend anyone else more highly to get you through the compensation nightmare."

Ken - 2017 Read full testimonial

“We know that we finally have people on our side that have my husband’s best interests at heart. The positive impact of this alone on our lives is incredibly valuable.”

Kellee, Cairns, 2016 Read full testimonial