Military Superannuation

There are 3 classes of Military Superannuation pensions, which are based on the degree of severity of the veteran’s retiring impairment[s] and their consequent incapacity for employment:

  • Class A – at or above 60%
  • Class B – at or above 30% but below 60%
  • Class C – less than 30%

Some important facts about Military Super

  • There are a number of Military Superannuation Funds, but they are all administered by the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation [‘CSC’]
  • The qualifying criteria for almost all of the Military Superannuation Funds is the severity of the injuries the veteran was suffering from, at the time of his separation from the Australian Defence Forces, known as ‘retiring impairments’.
  • Classes A and B are the most ‘valuable’ in economic terms.
  • It is possible for a veteran to be re-classified from Class B to Class A,
  • But, once a veteran is classified Class C, there is no right to apply to be reclassified, at a later time, to either Class B or Class A.
  • Consequently it is essential that, if a veteran is dissatisfied with being classified at the Class C level, the available appeal processes must be utilized and exhausted, without delay, within the necessary time frames, if a veteran receives a C classification.

The Appeal Process

With all Military Superannuation claims, excepting the Defence Force Retirement Benefits Scheme [‘DFRDB’], the appeal process is as follows:

  • An initial Decision is made by the CSS;
  • If dissatisfied with this Decision, a Reconsideration is sought from the CSS;
  • If dissatisfied with this Reconsideration, then an Appeal can be brought to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal [‘SCT’], with the exception of DFRDB claims, which are brought in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal [‘AAT’].

We are here to help

Military Superannuation is quite technical and a veteran should seek our carefully considered legal advice before accepting the superannuation classification offered to them, or, more preferably, should seek such advice before even claiming Military Superannuation  benefits.

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