Marilyn – Sunshine Coast, 2016

“I am pleased to offer an unequivocal recommendation of Max and Melissa, of Emanuel Solicitors, specialising in Military Compensation Law, representing service and ex-service personnel.

Their capacity for an efficient and successful outcome is astounding. My daughter’s case was handled with empathy, patience and professional expertise. Both Max and Melissa’s knowledge of the system, attention to detail, ability to change tack when necessary, their experience in managing the case shone through.

Initially Max advised he would expect the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) case for impairment, an acceptance of DVA previously denied conditions, would be completed within six months, all being well. Remarkably it was, with the results of outstanding issues with DVA, far exceeding our expectations.

At all times Max and Melissa were sensitive and conservative in their expressions of expectations of the outcome, explaining each step clearly along the way. 

Importantly, Max initially answered the phone himself, patiently listened and explained the process, and is accessible for queries and concerns. Once we were informed of the process, had an expectation of costs, (turning out to be quite reasonable, considering the result), we signed up.

The whole experience was efficient and to the point.

On Max’s recommendation, to get our own Independent Medical Examination (IME) accurate reporting, to counteract DVA’s IME reports. This was a big key to the outcome, demonstrating strategies instrumental in Emanuel Solicitors capacity for success.

I have the utmost trust, respect and admiration for Emanuel Solicitors, a dedicated humble team, Max and Melissa, complementing each other in their dealing with their clients in the process.

Max’s diplomacy and tactical negotiations are outstanding, and I have no doubt our exceptional result was the best possible achievement. Melissa with her attention to detail, insight and understanding of my daughter’s condition, offered practical and supportive information on coping mechanisms, protecting her from the brunt of the AAT process. Together their complimentary skills covered all bases.

My name is Marilyn, I supported my daughter, to challenge DVA, then AAT, for her entitlements after being discharged Medically Unfit from the Navy in 2014, without medical or financial support.

I contacted Max Emanuel, in December 2015, following two DVA Hearings, that to date we have managed ourselves. The next step was an AAT application and an appeal of Comsuper’s assessment, which was based on incorrect information. By this time, after an extensive drawnout processes, I was burnt out.

Of the specialist Solicitors available, Max and Melissa Emanuel stood out they lived up to my expectations at all levels. Integrity, honesty, ethical, trustworthy, transparency and fairness, are all traits applicable to the Emanuel solicitors team. 

I offer my sincerest recommendation.”