Ken – Sydney, 2017

“I feel like the luckiest person in the world having Melissa and Max solving my problems with DVA. As some may know, DVA has been a nightmare and when I previously had another lawyer representing me it was not going anywhere, which made the experience even more traumatic.

Melissa and Max came onboard seamlessly to help me after a simple web search and found that they are PEOPLE. Previously I viewed lawyers as criminals who just wanted your money and nothing else, and that is how they represented you. Now I have human contact with people who are fully understandable and experienced about my needs and requirements, and they go out of their way to always do the right thing for you in a form that makes sense and is opposite to the tragic treatment you receive from DVA bureaucrats who seem concerned for nothing else but their jobs and mortgage. 

Personal compassion and goodwill is paramount to M&M.

So muchly reduced stress and could not recommend anyone else more highly to get you through the compensation nightmare. Go the Emanuels!”